Quick Ideas to Implement in Tackling Assignments

We all know that learning has no one-size-fits-all, right? Given the immense benefits that homework has in the life of students, here are some quick strategies suggested by 123Homework blog to help you tackle different types of out of class assignments effectively:

Practice – as one of the most common type of homework, practice assignments are designed to support classroom work as well as help students develop specific abilities. Just as its name suggests, the only way to succeed with this kind of homework, you will need to keep on practicing. While at it keep these in mind:

  • Concentrate more on the little steps that support main ideas
  • Learn from your earlier mistakes
  • Treat homework assignments as mandatory
  • Pay attentions to the details and every step in a math problem

Preparatory – this type of homework presents ideas and thoughts that will be tackled in class soon. This might include reading a book chapter or learning about specific vocabulary in advance. Quick tips for handling preparatory assignments:

  • Note down the main ideas while working on the assignment
  • Jot down some of the questions that arise during your homework time and bring them up during class time
  • In case you get stuck on a problem, highlight the reasons why

Extension – this type of homework aims at giving students the rare opportunity to apply what they have already learnt in class/school. Here are some helpful tips for tackling your next extension homework:

  • Be resourceful by using the available learning materials for your research
  • Approach the assignment from a different angle and expand your mental processing
  • Use the problem-solving approach and use any new/unfamiliar learning tools to help finish your assignment

Integration – as complicated as it may sound, integration homework requires students to apply several learning skills in one task. Here are some quick tips to guide you when working on a similar assignment:

  • Being organized is key
  • Make a comprehensive plan and follow it through

Here are a couple of best practices to make your homework time more beneficial and fruitful, regardless of its type:

  • Set up a workplace – Consistency is significant and it helps kids with their homework schedules. Get a spot within the house and establish a homework workspace for them to work from every evening
  • Set working time – everyone has their own active hours. Figure out the best time for your kids to work on homework and help them to follow their timetable on a daily basis
  • Foster organizational skills – ensure that all essential homework resources are availed in the designated workspace in advance to help your child be more productive. Also, make sure that they tidy up the place once they are done for the day in preparation for the next one
  • The game plans – spend time with your kids and check your planner while evaluating your homework’s urgency. Always prioritize the more demanding tasks first and you will not have to procrastinate any more
  • Limit your involvement – as a guardian, always remember that the homework is meant for your child and that your work is to oversee and provide guidance when needed

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