How to Focus on Homework: 10 Helpful Tips

Distractions abound everywhere in our modern world, from social media to television shows to games, you name it. So how is a student supposed to concentrate on their homework, which may seem boring and tedious compared to such distracting things? Read on to learn how to focus on your assignments with these ten tips:

  1. Do not work on your homework immediately after school. Change into more comfortable clothes first, eat a light meal, rest a little, then sit down to focus on your assignments. Adopt this homework routine because you’re less likely to concentrate on tasks when hungry and tired.
  2. Eliminate things that may distract you before you tackle your homework tasks. For instance, it’s not a good idea to first catch up with your favorite TV series since you may end up watching for hours. Avoid heavy meals as well before doing your homework since you may feel sleepy before finishing your assignment.
  3. Allocate time for studying and completing homework and ask your parents, siblings, or friends not to disturb you during this time. Working in a quiet environment that’s free of distractions will allow you to stay focused on completing your homework and on time. Just make sure to use the time set aside to study.
  4. Set up a specific area for your studies. Ensure the place is convenient for studying and doing your homework to avoid distractions. For instance, make sure all the necessary stationery is within reach and any devices that may distract you are not around.
  5. Adopt an “eat that frog” study habit. If the task you’re working on seems too big and challenging, break it down into smaller subtasks. Prioritize these tasks and start with the most difficult of them. And always focus on each subtask one at a time.
  6. Set personal deadlines that fall slightly ahead of the official deadlines. Aim to complete assignments when you still have some time before you have to hand them in. That way, should any emergent revisions or additions be required, you’ll have time to make them.
  7. Offer yourself rewards for each completed task or subtask. Having an incentive provides ample motivation to stay focused. You can allow yourself, say, ice cream after completing a portion of your assignment. Then treat yourself to something better, such as a movie night, for finishing the entire project.
  8. Refresh your mind and concentration by changing subjects. Put aside geometry and study history for a while before switching back to math. Just remember to revert to your previous assignment lest you wake up to unfinished homework.
  9. If you find it difficult to concentrate in absolute silence, try playing some soft music in the background as you work on your homework. Instrumental music, smooth jazz, or other preferred music can help you get into a productive mood and enhance your focus.
  10. Allow yourself regular small breaks between tasks. Boredom and fatigue affect your ability to think clearly as well as your enthusiasm to work. So have short refreshing breaks hourly, or so, before resuming that algebra problem.

We hope these tips will help improve your focus on homework. But if you find you’re still overwhelmed by your assignments, you can always ask for help. There are various homework services available that provide expert solutions to different types of homework assignments.

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